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Can you name the Glee character from their badly translated quote?

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Gender is not the answer.
Icons have some fun.
This is all the money that is still two sets of commercial cleaning. I once bought a withdrawal and Nunchuck.
In my opinion, disturbing recipes.
He has seen a wave of physical evidence.
As a part of something special for you, right?
No, he's dead. It was his son.
I have one, he was in Spain in the game, fans of his name wrong, and to answer any questions the application of a hat!
Translated QuoteCharacterOriginal Quote
Next time, do not forget, you are baby clothes. You will be responsible directly to him.
I want to leave. I think it will be very tired.
Please stop talking, your son dirty.
God is our goal is to lose.
I think he believes to be true vampires.
He said yesterday that the 74 errors.
You see, I need chocolate thunder.

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