Speech Path Anatomy Part 1

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separates temporal and parietal lobes
connects the two hemispheres together
number of total spinal nerve pairs
amount of hearing that gets processed on the opposite side of the brain
number of cranial nerve pairs that are important to speech
Programs and formulates the motor movements for speech production and language
contains the auditory cortex
peaks of brain folds
information processed on the opposite side of the brain from where the information enteres
very focused on automatic, biological functions
coordinates smooth muscle movements
primary motor cortex is located where?
number of total cranial nerve pairs
primary sensory cortex is located where?
valleys of brain folds
separates frontal and parietal lobes
the smallest lobe
the surface of the cerebrum
interprets spoken language for understanding the message
number of rib pairs
the two most crucial lobes for speech/lang.

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