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♡ Man to be wed ♡
Long-handled brush of bristles, used for sweeping
A small stream
Pro wrestler Lesnar, or the Pokémon Pewter City Gym leader
Small rectangular block typically made of fired or sun-dried clay, used in building
Edge; lip
Water saturated with salt
♡ Woman to be wed ♡
Composer whose coral is the earliest solo violin music written by an Englishman
New England Patriots quarterback Tom or classic TV matriarch Carol
Small, round, and gleaming (e.g. eyes)
Soft and flexible
Sister of John and Michael in Disney's 'Peter Pan'
Gusty; breezy
Twists a handle to activate, as with a music box
American sitcom about an airport, starring Tim Daly and Steven Weber
♡ Small metal bands exchanged by the man and woman in wedding ♡
Starr who was the drummer for the Beatles
2011 animated film about a chameleon, starring Johnny Depp
Fleshy yellowish-red tropical fruit eaten ripe or used green for pickles or chutneys
Gru's oldest daughter, played by Miranda Cosgrove, in 'Despicable Me'
Venetian explorer Polo or soccer player Verratti
Figure skater Hinzmann or Pennsylvania representative Toepel
♡ To wed ♡
To lift and move something from one place to another
A dish of meat or vegetables, cooked in an Indian-style spicy sauce and served with rice
Makes a murmuring sound (like a dove)
In dancing, the term for callers in round dance
English singer-songwriter Lloyd and American singer-actress Bono
Board game with rook, queen, and bishop pieces
Plant in the mustard family with sharp-tasting leaves
♡ White gown worn by a woman on her wedding day ♡

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