Word Ladder: The Three Stooges

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☀ The oldest of any of the Stooges in rotation ☀
Domesticated ruminant with a thick woolly coat
The upward slope of a ship's lines toward the bow and stern
More nervous or timid
British musician Leo whose first 7 hit singles in the UK all reached the Top 10
German pharmaceutical company that invented aspirin in 1897
Grammy-winning singer Anita with hits 'Sweet Love' and 'Giving You the Best That I Got'
Cooks food (e.g. a cake)
Sweet baked desserts, often covered in frosting
Concerns or interests
Relieves someone of a disease's symptoms
Locks of hair having a spiral or coiled form
☀ This bald-headed Stooge suffered a career-ending stroke ☀
A dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style spicy sauce and served with rice
To move with haste
Styles of One Direction, or actor/musician Connick, Jr.
☀ The Stooge best known for his crazy bushy hair ☀

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