Word Ladder: Elements II

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Can you complete the three-letter word ladders, in which each column is a separate ladder and in which color-coded boxes are element names?*

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Atomic number 8

Actress Meghan on 'Intelligence' and 'Once Upon a Time'
Sardonic, using dry, mocking humor

Method, process, or manner

An organized, prolonged violent conflict
Atomic number 6

A feline

Item worn atop one's head

Processed pork foodstuff, or Noah's son

High school equivalency exam


Atomic number 53

Charged atom or molecule


Barker, Newhart, or Dole

Atomic number 27


Atomic number 57

Somerhalder, Harding, or McKellen

Lodge or bed-and-breakfast



Maurice Sendak book: 'Where the Wild Things ____'
A craft or creative activity (e.g. sculpture)

Atomic number 13 (UK spelling)


Most common English word in print

Formal neckwear for men

A twitch or spasm

Atomic number 28

To bite, nibble, or peck

A piece of advice, or the end of an object

Atomic number 50



Slang name for country of 1956-1975 war
'Who Cares' and 'I Don't Think So' West Coast rapper
Actor Penn of 'House, M.D.' and the 'Harold & Kumar' series

Hair styling product that stiffens hair

A precious or semiprecious stone

Soft, cohesive substance for chewing (and bubble blowing)

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