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Can you name the main character from 'Friends' that each clue describes?

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Kissed guest star Winona Ryder in an episode
Spikes the football 5 feet short of the end zone in the group's Thanksgiving game
Threw beeping fire alarm out the window after failing to destroy it by other means
Spastically cusses in front of a child after losing a game of 'Ms. Pac Man'
Tried to save a sandwich from gunfire
'Days Of Our Lives' star whose character dies falling down an elevator shaft, then returns via brain transplant
Peed on a friend who was stung by a jellyfish
The only member of the group to never be married throughout the series
Proved loyalty to a friend by spending Thanksgiving inside a box
Gets head stuck in Thanksgiving turkey
Has an identical twin
Claims to have invented the phrase 'Got Milk?'
Has two children, Ben and Emma
Has a nephew named Frank Jr. Jr.
The female character who waited the longest before getting married for the first time
Wrote and performs 'Smelly Cat,' 'Double-Jointed Boy,' and 'Little Black Curly Hair'
Lost apartment in trivia game by guessing a friend's job was 'transponster'
Has a drag queen father portrayed by a female actress
Sings the 'morning song' with neighbor in adjacent building
Harassed by unruly neighbors who wanted homemade candy
Considers cleaning and label-making to be fun pastimes
Fell asleep at a work meeting and was transferred to Tulsa, OK
Accidentally interviewed for a new job in the presence of current boss (and was fired as a result)
The first character to speak in the series
The last character to speak in the series
The not-so-secret crush of coffee shop manager Gunther
Directed the group in carrying a couch up the stairs by screaming 'pivot' repeatedly
Terrified a date after a teeth-whitening incident
Dressed as an elderly woman, Bea, as a child and had tea parties
First kiss ever was in the dark . . . with older brother

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