TV Shows in 8 Words, Part III

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Can you name the TV shows based on their 8-word-long descriptions?

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DescriptionTV Show
Can sound alone extinguish fire? They confirmed it!
Twin girls, separated and adopted at birth, reunite.
'Dramedy' tales of Korean war surgical unit staff members.
Brothers run funeral business; conversations with deceased common.
Orange people work out, fight, display hair poofs.
Spanish girl, monkey sightsee . . . with no adult supervision?
Chicago pair meets at Overeaters Anonymous; love ensues.
Pawnee, Indiana town official, nurse convert construction pit.
Corrupt Atlantic County treasurer's shady dealings: mob connections?
Time Lord saves civilizations through space/time travel.
Stressed mother with dissociative identity disorder reacts oddly.
Four guys, girl run Pennsylvania bar; questionable morals.
Bizarre FBI cases investigated; parallel universes differ slightly.
DescriptionTV Show
Late at night, bespectacled 'Lincolnish' host mocks politics.
Strangers isolated in house lie, align, vote out.
Dillon, Texas, high school football affects entire town.
Bluffington teen falls for girl named after condiment.
Man dies; wife, kids, locate mistress- another Walker?
Suspended lawyer with Colombia degree returns to college.
Reality contestants compete in Quickfire and Elimination Challenges.
Wife of disgraced state's attorney rebuilds litigator reputation.
Girl sometimes becomes cartoon; class trip to Rome.
Human hand up sheep's butt; song never ends . . .
Orbit City man has robot maid and dog.
Hostess eliminates girls by not holding their photograph.
Bald man leads Strike Team; unethical, unconvention methods used.

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