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The Olympic gold medalist who is also the youngest 'Dancing With The Stars' champion is: (A) Apolo Anton Ohno, (B) Shawn Johnson, or (C) Kristi Yamaguchi?
Lisa Leslie is the first woman, in a WNBA game, to: (A) dunk, (B) dribble a wraparound, or (C) score more points than the rest of her team combined?
The longest recorded holed putt in a major golf tournament is: (A) 62 ft, (B) 87 ft, or (C) 110 ft?
The current record for fastest 100-meter dash is held by: (A) Patrick Johnson of Australia, (B) Robson da Silva of Brazil, or (C) Usain Bolt of Jamaica?
The current NHL slapshot speed record belongs to: (A) Bobby Hull, (B) Eric Nystrom, or (C) Zdeno Chára?
The NFL QB-receiver pair whose 2011 99-yard pass play got an opposing defender cut the next day is: (A) T. Brady-W. Welker, (B) E. Manning-V. Cruz, or (C) M. Ryan-J. Jones?
The first-ever televised baseball game occurred in: (A) 1928, (B) 1939, or (C) 1951?
On Thanksgiving 2012, the NFL quarterback who gave up an infamous 'butt fumble' was: (A) Matthew Stafford (Lions), (B) Mark Sanchez (Jets), or (C) Carson Palmer (Raiders)?
The NASCAR racer who holds the record for most consecutive pro starts without a win is: (A) Dale Earnhardt, Jr., (B) Dick Trickle, or (C) Michael Waltrip?
The record for lowest attendance at an MLB game occurred as a result of: (A) 9/11, (B) the San Francisco Earthquake, or (C) Hurricane Irene?
The first goalkeeper goal in a traditional FIFA tournament was scored by: (A) Quillan Roberts, (B) René Higuita, or (C) Steve Ogrizovic?
The number of Tour de France titles stripped of Lance Armstrong after his doping ordeal was: (A) 7, (B) 8, or (C) 9?
The NBA player whose middle name is 'Bean' is: (A) Kobe Bryant, (B) Lamar Odom, or (C) Michael Cooper?
The only North American country to host the World Cup twice is: (A) Canada, (B) Mexico, or (C) the United States?
William Trubridge's record for free immersion (freediving under water only by pulling on rope, with no propulsion equipment) was: (A) 79 meters, (B) 91 meters, or (C) 121 meters?

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