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In 1937, the animals that were raced at Romford Greyhound Stadium in order to increase attendance were: (A) greyhounds, (B) gazelles, or (C) cheetahs?
In 2010's Wimbledon, the longest match in a Tennis Open was won by: (A) Roger Federer, (B) John Isner, or (C) Nicolas Mahut?
The NFL's Steelers and Eagles combined to form one team in 1943 when they were down players due to: (a) a viral epidemic, (b) a players' strike, or (c) military service?
In 1969, a 101-year-old set the 100-yard dash record (age 100+) with a time of: (A) 10.6 seconds, (B) 17.8 seconds, or (C) 25.4 seconds?
The toy introduced in the U.S. in 1929 that was initially used as a weapon in the Philippines in the 16th century is the: (A) Slinky, (B) sling shot, or (C) yo-yo?
The oldest continuous trophy in sports is the: (A) America's Cup, (B) Stanley Cup, or (C) Heisman Trophy?
The silhouette on the NBA logo is Laker: (A) Clyde Lovellette, (B) Jerry West, or (C) Mychal Thompson?
The NFL's first pro cheerleading squad was hired by the: (A) Denver Broncos, (B) Pittsburgh Steelers, or (C) Dallas Cowboys?
The MLB player who wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep him cool was: (A) Babe Ruth, (B) Hank Aaron, or (C) Carl Yastrzemski?
The last time Olympic gold medals were made of solid gold was in: (A) 1912, (B) 1948, or (C) 1980?
The first pro MLB team to field nine players who were either black or Latino was the: (A) Los Angeles Dodgers, (B) Milwaukee Brewers, or (C) Pittsburgh Pirates?
The sport that was banned in England in 1457 because it was considered a distraction from the serious pursuit of archery was: (A) cricket, (B) golf, or (C) football (soccer)?
The only sport that has been played on the moon is: (A) golf, (B) American football, or (C) tee ball?
Three consecutive strikes in bowling is called a: (A) chicken, (B) turkey, or (C) birdie?
The record for the most career innings pitched in Major League Baseball is held by: (A) Nolan Ryan, (B) Cy Young, or (C) Randy Johnson?

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