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Can you name the books in the Kinsey Millhone series by choosing the correct word for each title (A-V)?

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HintAnswerPublication Year
'A' Is For: A1) Alibi | A2) Artifact1982
'B' Is For: B1) Burglar | B2) Blood1985
'C' Is For: C1) Criminal | C2) Corpse1986
'D' Is For: D1) Dagger | D2) Deadbeat1987
'E' Is For: E1) Execution | E2) Evidence1988
'F' Is For: F1) Fraud | F2) Fugitive1989
'G' Is For: G1) Gunshot | G2) Gumshoe1990
'H' Is For: H1) Homicide | H2) Handcuffs1991
'I' Is For: I1) Innocent | I2) Investigation1992
'J' Is For: J1) Jury | J2) Judgment1993
'K' Is For: K1) Killer | K2) Knife1994
HintAnswerPublication Year
'L' Is For: L1) Lawless | L2) Larceny1995
'M' Is For: M1) Murder | M2) Malice1996
'N' Is For: N1) Noose | N2) Numerology1998
'O' Is For: O1) Offense | O2) Outlaw1999
'P' Is For: P1) Perjury | P2) Peril2001
'Q' Is For: Q1) Query | Q2) Quarry2002
'R' Is For: R1) Ricochet | R2) Racketeer2004
'S' Is For: S1) Sentence | S2) Silence2005
'T' Is For: T1) Trespass | T2) Tamper2007
'U' Is For: U1) Undertow | U2) Unfinished2009
'V' Is For: V1) Victim | V2) Vengeance2011

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