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Can you name the main character from 'Seinfeld' that each clue describes?

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The only character to appear in every single episode of the series
The only main character who did not grow up in New York
Wondered aloud if a dingo ate the baby of a woman at a dull social gathering
Spits coffee on Kathie Lee Gifford, ruining 'Coffee Tables' book tour
Had photo taken with President Ford, then had Ford airbrushed out of the picture
Coined the term 'spongeworthy'
Discouraged a telemarketer by requesting the caller's home number
Beat the snot out of some peewee karate students
The only main character whose mother never appears
Saved a beached whale
Busts out some odd dance moves at a party that become the talk of the workplace
Has soup stolen back by the Soup Nazi after requesting bread
Loses 'The Contest' thanks to a nude neighbor in the window
Accidentally agrees to wear a hideous puffy shirt on 'The Today Show'
Inadvertently killed significant other by buying cheap envelopes for wedding invitations that contained toxic glue
Fired for spreading Communist propaganda to young children while working as a department store Santa
Won a line in a Woody Allen movie: 'These pretzels are making me thirsty.'
Blamed post-swimming physical state on 'shrinkage'
Incorrectly guesses Dolores' name to be 'Mulva,' 'Gipple,' and 'Loreola'
The only character to maintain the same career throughout the series
Dated (but not for long) a woman with massive 'man-hands'
Created the illusion that is Vandelay Industries
Has bitter parents Frank and Estelle
The only main character to not own a car

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