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Can you name the four-letter words- unscramble the last letter of the previous word plus the three given letters?

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Hint + Three Additional LettersWordsLast Letter
Beatles song '_____!': PHE
Color: NIK
Ill: CSI
To murder: LIL
To adore: VEO
To do again: DOR
Not 'under': REV
Not in captivity: EFE
Not 'right': FTL
Not 'give': EKA
Not 'worst': SBT
An excursion: PIR
Not work: ALY
Time period: RAE
Religious act: YAP
Hint + Three Additional LettersWordsLast Letter
Body organs: SEE
Supermodel surname: MSI
An unmarried Mrs.: MSI
Marvel comics chairman Lee: NAT
Body part: DHA
Pets: SOG
Celebration: EFT
Seafood/Meat meal 'Surf and _____': FUR
Number: RUO
Precipitation: IAN
Christmas song: OLE
Not 'more': SES
Not the present or future: APT
Asian food: OUF
Not 'empty': LFL

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