Rashida Jones' NBC Characters

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Can you name the Rashida Jones character (Karen from 'The Office' or Ann from 'Parks & Rec') each clue describes?

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Said, 'I don't know this place as well as I thought I did. I'm getting cleaned out.'
Dated an excessively optimistic state auditor
Was a member of Team Voldemort at a work-related beach party
Dated Jim Halpert
Is specifically annoyed by the song 'Lovefool' by the Cardigans
Was dumped by a boyfriend by a fountain in New York City
Was filmed saying that she likes having little boys 'be super into me... that came out wrong'
Was asked if her father was a GI due her ambiguous ethnicity
Has a deceased ex-husband
Said, 'My fiancé has plans for us this Saturday, so I really hope Dwight doesn't make me work. Maybe I should sleep with him . . . I'm kidding. Kidding. Totally kidding.'
Is a pediatrician
Dated Andy Dwyer
Dated Jerry Gergich
Is best friends with her boss
Lives in Pawnee, IN
Appears in the amateur film 'Threat Level Midnight'
Planned a Christmas party with her boyfriend's former crush
Planned a Halloween party at her house for her coworkers
Is the health department PR director
Was dumped and didn't even realize it
Was married at one point to a dermatologist
Said, 'I'm sorry, you don't think it's weird that my ex-boyfriend lives in a tent in the pit outside my house?'
Worked in the same building as someone she was dating
Excels at 'Call of Duty'
Is a nurse

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