Popular Songs: All Together Now! [Part 2]

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Can you name the singer or band from each sentence, created entirely from at least 3 of their own song titles?

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When I look at you, the climb can't be tamed.
Everybody hurts the one I love at my most beautiful.
Stop wasting my time, wannabe.
Rumour has it someone like you set fire to the rain.
OMG, there goes my baby, my boo.
Maggie May, I've been drinking, twistin' the night away.
Dress you up like a virgin miles away.
I'll never break your heart as long as you love me - I want it that way.
Rock your body, my love, until the end of time.
Yo, excuse me, miss, run it wall to wall.
Oh, love, kill the DJ when it's time.
Tik tok, c'mon, take it off.
Oh, Mother, the voice within keeps gettin' better.
I'm glad I'm gonna be alright on the floor.
Nobody knows stupid girls get the party started.
Oh my God, don't cry, sweet child o' mine.
No, don't bother - gypsy hips don't lie.
My name is Stan, the real, slim, shady mockingbird.
Nobody ever told you songs like this change before he cheats.
Maybe tomorrow the boogie man never can say goodbye.
For you, I say a little prayer another night.
Otis heard 'em say, 'Touch the sky? Impossible!'

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