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Can you name the singer or band from each sentence, created entirely from at least 3 of their own song titles?

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God only knows, I get around in my room.
I wish I just called to say I love you, for once in my life.
How this love makes me wonder!
If it's love, marry me - I got you.
Girlfriend, I want you back - this I promise you.
Since you've been gone, respect the house that Jack built.
If it's lovin' that you want, selfish girl, say it.
Keep your head up off the wall, Liberian girl.
I wanna go break the ice, baby, one more time.
Give a little bit before it's too late, Iris.
Ask me why Martha, my dear, can't buy me love.
YoĆ¼ and I dance in the dark again, again.
Love me tender, way down in the ghetto.
I kissed a girl, wide awake, last friday night (T.G.I.F.).
Fernando, does your mother know the winner takes it all?
After all is said and done, single ladies ring the alarm.
Young girls marry you just the way you are.
Carry on walking the dog: be calm!
Tell me what it takes, Uncle Salty.
The song remains the same in the evening down by the seaside.
Where I'm from, Brooklyn's finest can't knock the hustle.
If that's what it takes, maybe someday I'll be there for you.

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