Science / The Case of the Missing Subscripts: The Sequel

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Can you name the missing single-digit integer that correctly completes each chemical formula?

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Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subcript
Dinitrogen Tetroxide: N2O__
Hemin: C34H32ClFeN__O4
Methanol: C__H3OH
Potassium Carbonate: K__CO3
Sodium Bicarbonate: NaHCO__
Hydrogen Peroxide: H2O__
Ethane: C2H__
Hydrogen Cyanide: HCN__
Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subcript
Ammonium Oxalate: C2H__N2O4
Heptaphosphorus Octafluoride: P7F__
Sulfuric Acid: H2SO__
Trirhenium Nonachloride: Cl__Re3
Barium Fluoride: BaF__
1-Pentanol: C__H12O
Lead (IV) Chromate: Pb(CrO__)2

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