Songs from 8-Word Plot Descriptions IV

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Can you name the popular songs from their 8-word-long plot descriptions?

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DescriptionSong Title
Wonder wonders why people fear 13, black cats.
Bon Jovi sleeps on sharps; you get flowers.
Beyoncé's exes hurt her; current guy's an angel.
Presley parties in county prison with Spider Murphy.
Phillips will make you comfortable; Raisman, Douglas agree.
Sheeran sings of prostitute, not Mr. T's clan.
Charles thinks about fourth state to enter Union.
One Direction loves your imperfections (not Mermaid, Rascals).
Coldplay title suggests crying requires storm drain installation.
No Doubt says 'shush,' knows what you're thinking.
Underwood is sick of destroying life with drunkenness.
Is Aerosmith's inspiration feminine man or Mötley Crüe?
P!nk, Ruess grasp at straws to justify relationship.
Omarion used one keyboard button for this title.
Twisted Sister won't deal with hogwash any longer.
Macklemore, Lewis choose tacky threads at secondhand store.
DescriptionSong Title
For Cash, love is as uncontrollable as flames.
Mellencamp unsuccessfully sticks it to man, fears death.
Third Eye Blind discourages suicide: overcome rough past.
Adele ponders Chicken Little's frantic dilemma; 007 approves.
Rihanna, Ekko can't deny love despite poor relationship.
Maroon 5 tries outdated technology to contact ex.
Clarkson title reveals the color of her irises.
Meat Loaf has sex in car, impregnates: oops.
Of Monsters and Men: she's a schizophrenic widow?
Beatles are optimistic, have religious visions when troubled.
Hey! (Hey!) You! (You!) Avril hates your woman.
Fun. encourages you to move past your past.
Three Dog Night promotes happiness, even for fishes.
Rolling Stones (Lucifer?) hope you will accept them.
Hendrix compares effect of girl to violet mist.
Swift immediately recognizes sketchy demeanor, experiments with dubstep.

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