Musician Riddles III

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Can you name the answers to the riddles about popular singers or bands using the title of one of their hit songs?

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How did Coldplay describe the water coming from the eyes of a sobbing giant?2011
How often do Nelly and Tim McGraw like to get intimate with each other?2004
How does John Mellencamp describe his first surprisingly enjoyable S&M experience?1982
What did Marvin Gaye ask while watching 'Inception' in confusion?1971
How does Aerosmith describe their drag queen buddy?1987
What did Britney Spears say when the disco club became too loud to be enjoyable?2011
What did Journey ask in exasperation when each of the kids they were babysitting threw tantrums throughout the day?1981
What does Miranda Lambert use to fill her revolver and mechanical pencil, respectively?2008
When does Maroon 5 go to church?2004
RiddleAnswerSong Released in
What did Bruno Mars have to deal with when his infant son escaped from the house?2011
How did Christina Aguilera describe her situation in the midst of amazing home renovation projects?2008
What was the first thing Rob Thomas stole when he robbed a rich old woman?2009
What did Mumford & Sons call the male hybrid offspring of Mufasa and Pocahontas?2009
What was Bon Jovi's response to his wife's inappropriate selection of Cee Lo Green's 'F**k You' for their Valentine's Day playlist?1995
How did Justin Timberlake describe his Anna Kournikova-themed tramp stamp?2006
How does Kanye West refer to a determined nose-picker?2005
How did Mariah Carey describe her 24 hours in the candy store with Boyz II Men?1995
Where did the Red Hot Chili Peppers say is the worst place to stand in San Francisco during an earthquake?1992

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