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Can you name the words in the word ladders, all of which follow a theme*?

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Mini Word Ladder # 1 (6 letters)
Would you like yours black, or with cream and sugar? 
A sunken panel in ceiling or vault 
Chris who plays Kurt on 'Glee' 
At a comparatively lower temperature 
File holder made of stiff paper 
The best part of waking up is this guy's product in your cup (first name: James) 
Mini Word Ladder # 2 (4 letters)
Traditional Mexican dish consisting of meat or beans in a tortilla shell 
A small, sharp, broad-headed nail 
According to Sir Mix-A-Lot, 'baby got' this 
A dollar, or a male deer 
The mass or magnitude of something large 
An uncastrated male bovine animal 
This might be rung to announce dinner time (first name: Glen) 
Mini Word Ladder # 3 (5 letters)
Jam often paired with peanut butter 
Kraft brand that makes gelatin desserts 
'Hola,' in English 
Gordon Ramsay cooking show: _____ Kitchen 
Vends; markets 
Fastens; closes securely 
Chairs or stools where one may sit 
Thin, narrow pieces of wood 
A fine-grained gray, green, or bluish metamorphic rock easily split into smooth, flat plates 
A flat dish 
A particular location 
War's opposite 
Roald Dahl's James had a 'giant' one 
To burp 
To cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt (first name: Thomas) 

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