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Can you name the main character from 'How I Met Your Mother' that each clue describes? (Enter 'T' for Ted, 'R' for Robin, 'B' for Barney, 'L' for Lily, and 'M' for Marshall)

Updated Jan 23, 2015

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The slap bet commissioner for the Slapsgiving series
Born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota
Punched a goat in the face
Was misnamed 'Swarley' by Chloe the coffee barista
Graduated from Columbia Law School
Accepts the offer to go on a date with Don Frank while posing as the person Don was actually asking out
Creator of 'The Bro Code' and 'The Playbook'
Is the originator of 'Suit up' and 'Legen- wait for it-dary'
Turned down a job offer in Chicago for a relationship, then got dumped by the significant other taking that same job
Has only been in a relationship with one person . . . ever
Thought 'Cook Poo' was a made-up name and offended her multiple times
Became distant with father, who declared he 'had no son,' after being caught kissing a male hockey teammate
Had to get a butterfly 'tramp stamp' tattoo removed
Has the middle name 'Evelyn'
Believed father to be Bob Barker
Dated (and cheated on) a baker
Developed a hot/crazy scale to judge members of the opposite sex
Was the first person whose name was introduced in the series
Has a doppelgänger who is a stripper
Voiced great disapproval on own birthday for the 'random skanks' brought to events by a friend
Went on the Super Date due to a last minute change of plans
Has the middle name 'Charles'
May or may not have been mugged by a monkey
Went on a two-minute date with a busy love interest
The only member of the group for whom the Naked Man seduction strategy failed
Original singer of the hit single 'Let's Go To The Mall'
Had a dog named Sir Scratchewan who 'miraculously' transformed into a tortoise
Planned to join the Peace Corps with first serious significant other- that is, until betrayed
Temporarily escaped engagement via a painting fellowship in San Francisco
Tends to pass out whenever church bells are heard

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