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Can you choose the 'Survivor' contestant in each pair who made it further in each season, by choosing 'A' or 'B'?

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Season & ContestantsWhich Survivor Outlasted the Other?
Borneo (Season 1): A) Kelly Wiglesworth, or B) Susan Hawk?
The Australian Outback (Season 2): A) Elisabeth Filarski, or B) Jerri Manthey?
Africa (Season 3): A) Lex van den Berghe, or B) Lindsey Richter?
Marquesas (Season 4): A) 'Boston Rob' Mariano, or B) Paschal English?
Thailand (Season 5): A) Jed Hildebrand, or B) Shii Ann Huang?
The Amazon (Season 6): A) Heidi Strobel, or B) Matthew von Ertfelda?
Pearl Islands (Season 7): A) 'Jonny Fairplay' Dalton, or B) Sandra Diaz-Twine?
All-Stars (Season 8): A) Amber Brkich, or B) 'Boston Rob' Mariano?
Vanuatu (Season 9): A) Ami Cusack, or B) Twila Tanner?
Palau (Season 10): A) Jenn Lyon, or B) Stephenie LaGrossa?
Guatemala (Season 11): A) Rafe Judkins, or B) Stephenie LaGrossa?
Season & ContestantsWhich Survivor Outlasted the Other?
Panama (Season 12): A) Cirie Fields, or B) Terry Deitz?
Cook Islands (Season 13): A) Jonathan Penner, or B) Ozzy Lusth?
Fiji (Season 14): A) Dre 'Dreamz' Herd, or B) Yau-Man Chan?
China (Season 15): A) Jean-Robert Bellande, or B) Peih-Gee Law?
Micronesia (Season 16): A) Erik Reichenbach, or B) James Clement?
Gabon (Season 17): A) Bob Crowley, or B) Corinne Kaplan?
Tocantins (Season 18): A) Benjamin 'Coach' Wade, or B) Tyson Apostol?
Samoa (Season 19): A) Russell Hantz, or B) Shannon 'Shambo' Waters?
Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20): A) 'Boston Rob' Mariano, or B) Jerri Manthey?
Nicaragua (Season 21): A) Jimmy Johnson, or B) NaOnka Mixon?
Redemption Island (Season 22): A) Phillip Sheppard, or B) 'Boston Rob' Mariano?
Season & ContestantsWhich Survivor Outlasted the Other?
South Pacific (Season 23): A) Benjamin 'Coach' Wade, or B) Ozzy Lusth?
One World (Season 24): A) Colton Cumbie, or B) Greg 'Tarzan' Smith?
Philippines (Season 25): A) Lisa Whelchel, or B) Malcolm Freberg?
Caramoan (Season 26): A) Dawn Meehan, or B) John Cochran?
Blood vs. Water (Season 27): A) Aras Baskauskas, or B) Rupert Boneham?
Cagayan (Season 28): A) LJ McKanas, or B) Sarah Lacina?
San Juan del Sur (Season 29): A) Jeremy Collins, or B) Josh Canfield?
Worlds Apart (Season 30): A) Joe Anglim, or B) Shirin Oskooi?
Cambodia (Season 31): A) Joe Anglim, or B) Shirin Oskooi?
Kaôh Rōng (Season 32): A) Anna Khait, or B) Peter Baggenstos?

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