Friends Episodes: 'This or That' Challenge

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Can you pick the real 'Friends' episode title in each pair? (Type 'A' or 'B')

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The First OneThe Last One
The One Where Phoebe Hates PBSThe One Where Phoebe Hates Pottery Barn
The One with Joey's Porn DebutThe One with the Prom Video
The One with the BoobiesThe One with the Third Nipple
The One with the Filthy Rap SongThe One Without the Ski Trip
The One Where Everyone Got HighThe One Where Phoebe Runs
The One with the Male NannyThe One with the Dog Allergy
The One with Ross's New GirlfriendThe One with Paul the Wine Guy
The One with the Secret ClosetThe One with the Shark Porn
The One Where No One's ReadyThe One with Fun Aunt Rachel
The One with Three ProposalsThe One with Monica's Thunder
The One Where Ugly Naked Guy DiesThe One with the Sonogram at the End
The One with the Stolen RingThe One with Princess Consuela
The One with Joey's FridgeThe One with the Broken Foosball Table
The One with Joey in a BoxThe One with Chandler in a Box
The One with the ButtThe One with Phoebe's Babies

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