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Updated Aug 22, 2012

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State with capital Augusta
This Michael played Alfred in 'The Dark Knight'
Beef, in Spanish
What you do to a pumpkin to turn it into a jack-o'-lantern
A line that smoothly and continuously deviates from straightness
Profane expression of surprise or anger
To rub through a strainer or process (food) in a blender
More homogeneous or uniform
One who barfs
Texas Hold 'Em is a variety of this card game
Batman villain: 'Why so serious?'
Riddles or pranks
The surname of comic star Archie's friend Jughead
Eyre, Addams, & Fonda
First name of actor Franco or singer Blunt
Domesticates, or changes from a wild or savage state
Binds or seals with sticky adhesive
Spanish finger foods designed to encourage conversation
Pluralized first name of actress Reid who played Vickie in 'American Pie'
A grossly malformed and often nonviable fetus
State with capital Austin

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