Chance or Community Chest?

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Can you name the Monopoly card (Chance or Community Chest) where each of the following phrases can be found?

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How to Play
It is your birthday - collect $10 from each player.
Pay hospital fees of $100.
From sale of stock, you get $50.
You have won second prize in a beauty contest - collect $10.
Go back 3 spaces.
This game has been going on for about 5 hours - donate all of your money to the bank and quit in frustration.
Pay school fees of $50.
Advance token to nearest Utility. If unowned, you may buy it from the Bank. If owned, throw dice and pay owner a total ten times the amount thrown.
You are assessed for street repairs - pay $40 per house, $115 per hotel.
Bank error in your favor - collect $75.
Advance to Illinois Avenue - if you pass 'Go,' collect $200.
Your building loan matures – collect $150.
Get out of jail free - this card may be kept until needed, or sold.
Make general repairs on all your property – pay $25 per house, $100 per hotel.
Advance to Marvin Gardens - if you pass 'Go,' collect $200.
You have run over Uncle Pennybags' leg in your car - pay $250 for his medical bills.
Pay poor tax of $15.
Advance to St. Charles Place - if you pass 'Go,' collect $200.
Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect $200.
You inherit $100.
Take a trip to Reading Railroad – if you pass 'Go,' collect $200.
Advance to 'Go.' Collect $200.
Doctor's fees - pay $50.
You have been elected chairman of the board – pay each player $50.
Luxury tax - pay $75.
Life Insurance Matures - collect $100.
Advance token to the nearest Railroad and pay owner twice the rental to which he/she is otherwise entitled. If Railroad is unowned, you may buy it from the Bank.
Take a walk on the Boardwalk – advance token to Boardwalk.

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