Author Riddles III

Random Literature or Shakespeare Quiz

Can you name the answers to the riddles about famous writers using the title of one of their works?

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What are Edgar Allan Poe's favorite parts of an olive and a grandfather clock, respectively?
How did Alexandre Dumas refer to 'The Dark Knight Rises' villain Bane?
Where did Robert Frost wish he had gone after getting lost in the middle of nowhere?
Who did Robert Penn Warren call to try and put Humpty Dumpty back together again?
Who did William Golding choose to rule the insectary?
How did Ayn Rand's book of maps respond when she asked if she was going the right way?
How much participation did Jules Verne witness in Atlantis' extremely popular fantasy football scene?
Who was James Fenimore Cooper's least favorite character in Disney's 'Bambi'?
How successful was Ken Kesey's attempt to throw rocks at a family of birds in a tree?
How did Aldous Huxley describe Mars at the first indication there may be primitive life there?
What did John Knowles request when offered a slice of pie on which he had seen the baker sneeze?
Where did Sylvia Plath accidentally lose her chess piece during the hurricane?
Where did Frances Hodgson Burnett grow her weed so the cops wouldn't bust her?
What did Tom Clancy embark on when he noticed that someone had spray-painted his calendar and stolen a page from it?
What did Robert Louis Stevenson's son do after a long day of playing?
What did Nathaniel Hawthorne receive when his lover wrote him but endured a dramatic paper cut midway through her message?
How did Theodore Dreiser describe the U.S.'s obsession with the Kardashians?
Who did William Shakespeare please when he sent strippers to visit some English women while their husbands were out of town?
What is Ernest Hemingway's favorite Dolly Parton tune?
What is Thomas Pynchon's favorite sci-fi television program?

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