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Can you name the answers to the riddles about famous writers using the title of one of their works?

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What did Ernest Hemingway experience when he reached too far into the garbage disposal?
How does William Shakespeare read his music?
What might Edgar Allan Poe title his biography about NFL quarterback Joe Flacco?
Where does Jules Verne travel after climbing into a giant slingshot?
What does albino vampire Jack London use to obtain blood?
Where does Lewis Carroll throw his blowdryer if he sees he is having a bad hair day?
When did Alexandre Dumas finally return the phone call to his one-night stand?
What was J.D. Salinger when the pitcher's wild throw sent him chasing the ball into wheat grass?
How does Edna Ferber like her toast?
What ultimately caused Charles Dickens disappointment after his wedding night?
What did Flannery O'Connor grumble when playing hide-and-seek with Superman, Robin Hood, and the Pope?
Which of John Steinbeck's fruits was accused of verbal abuse?
Who did Louisa May Alcott introduce Snow White's seven dwarfs to?
Who did Black Beast marry in Anna Sewell's African-American Disney film adaptation?
Where was Margaret Mitchell's manuscript when the hurricane struck?
What happened when John Milton dropped his six-faced cubes somewhere under the craps table?

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