Actresses' Films: All Together Now!

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Can you name the actress from each sentence, created entirely from the titles of at least 3 movies they were in?

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Out of time, the women trust the man.
Small soldiers bring it on deeply.
Rumor has it he's just not that into you - just go with it.
In & out, friends with money say anything.
The ten P.U.N.K.S.' machete kills the love guru.
Suddenly last summer, the last time I saw Paris, Julia misbehaves.
1999 ghosts of girlfriends past catch and release Mr. Magoo.
Kitt Kittredge, an American girl, signs the ultimate gift.
Hope floats extremely loud and incredibly close while you were sleeping.
Donnie Darko skipped parts far from home.
The sound of music enchanted thoroughly modern Millie.
Any Wednesday, Julia, Stanley, & Iris walk on the wild side.
What's love got to do with it, notorious boyz n the hood?
The bone collector wanted life (or something like it) in the land of blood and honey.
Kids rent the famous Sin City.
Gentlemen prefer blondes' monkey business - don't bother to knock!
Mamma mia, it's complicated - death becomes her doubt.
Swordfish Frankie and Alice race the sun.
Everyone says I love you, your highness - no strings attached!
Little women holiday on Golden Pond.
The Hunger Games shaft invincible people like us.
The devil's advocate trapped the astronaut's wife 2 days in the valley.

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