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Can you name the actors based on the hints whose answers rhyme with their first (left side) and last (right) names?

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Rhymes With First NameActorRhymes With Last Name
Your bicep or gluteus maximus, for exampleOpposite of fast
Jewish Day of Atonement: ____ KippurNHL team from St. Louis
Body part with a specialized function, or a musical wind instrument often used in churchesMedia nickname for Indonesian fisherman covered in gnarled root-like growths
Opposite of goodFirst name of 2012 Presidential hopeful Romney
Moronic, loonyA container made of metal and used for cooking food
A body of troops stationed in a particular locationLacking interest in one's current activity
Clinton, Murray, or O'ReillyA traditional story dealing with supernatural beings or heroes to serve the worldview of a people
Type of gun dog whose named suggests origins in the Iberian peninsulaBaltimore Ravens linebacker implicated in two stabbing murders (full name)
Term for when an ice hockey player scores three goals in one gameDisinclined to work
Opposite of bright or lightBuilding where the horses are kept
Rhymes With First NameActorRhymes With Last Name
Baggy, not tightHairlike appendage for DNA transfer found on the surface of many bacteria
Not manyTo place a seed or bulb in the ground so it can grow
Sound a duck makesThe basic structural and functional unit of the kidney
Opposite of skinnyOne who is not an expert in a given field of knowledge
Fine powder produced by flowering plants when they reproduceValue or merit
A ravineActor and entertainer Mickey who was born Joseph Yule, Jr., in 1920
ThinTo wed
Not womenSelf-deprecating comedienne Phyllis who joked about her terrible cooking and husband 'Fang'
The lovable geek on 'Saved by the Bell'The female member of The Carpenters
French word for 'name'2004 Tim Allen movie: 'Christmas With The ____'

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