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How many episodes are there?
Which GIRL is not present in the season finale?
Who breaks up in the season finale?
Who gets back together (finally) in the finale?
What is Adam's new girlfriends name?
Who sleeps with Marnie? (must name all in order)
Where does Adam go?
Who sleeps with Hannah? (must name all in order)
Why does Jessa leave?
What does Adam call facetime?
Why does Elijah move out?
What does Hannah do in the finale?
Who helps her?
Which famous actor/rapper does Hannah briefly date?
How does Charlie get rich?
What drug do Hannah and Elijah take?
What is Charlie's new girlfriends name?
How old is Jessa's step-brother who Hannah sleeps with?
What does Jessa's family eat every day?
What is Hannah's OCD number?
What does Shosanna do behind Ray's back?
What does Marnie sing at Charlie's party?
What does Hannah get stuck in her ear?
Why does Adam's girlfriend get mad at him?
Which two unlikely men bond?
Where do they go?
Why do they go there?
What word does Hannah think she invented?

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