Harry potter

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Can you name the Harry potter and the chamber of secrets?

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The principal character
Who's best friend is
Who ends up marrying
This three friends create this potion
With this potion harry transforsm into
And ron into
You are doing it well! But this is going to turn a little harder.....where is the slytherin's common room
Who does harry live with
Last name 
Harry's cousin is named
And his aunt is
Hermione has a pet... Wich is a
And its name is
And ron has a rat wich name is
But it really is
After scabbers what other pet does ron have
And its name is
And that owl was given to ron by
Who is harry's
And he is the best friend of
Who's wife is
And when she was little she was friend of
what is the language that harry and voldemort can speak
What was the hocrux umbridge had
Where does harry find the diadem
Which one of the weasly twins was murdered

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