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What happened down in the dungeon between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret. So, naturally, the whole school knows.
Honestly, woman. You call yourself our mother.
Asphodel and Wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of the Living Death
Only problem is, I can't remember what I've forgotten.
It's spooky! She knows more about you than you do!
There's no such thing as magic!
Me? Voldemort tried to kill... ME?
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I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr. Potter.
He's not Fred, I am!
What an idiot!
I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the...
Think my name's funny, do you?
Daddy's gone mad hasn't he?
This is what you're going to be wearing when I finish dying it.

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