Running Backs Drafted Since 2000

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Can you name the Running Backs Drafted Since 2000?

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Tennessee/Baltimore Ravens 
Virginia/Arizona Cardinals 
Wisconsin/New York Giants 
Alabama/Seattle Seahawks 
Arizona/St. Louis Rams 
Miami (Ohio)/Cleveland Browns 
Arizona St./New England Patriots 
Oregon/Detroit Lions 
Marshall/Minnesota Vikings 
James Madison/Cincinnati Bengals 
Louisville/Kansas City Chiefs 
Ohio St./Dallas Cowboys 
Minnesota/Philadelphia Eagles 
Utah/Denver Broncos 
Virginia Tech/Jacksonville Jaguars 
LSU/Green Bay Packers 
TCU/San Diego Chargers 
Mississippi/New Orleans Saints 
Wisconsin/Minnesota Vikings 
Michigan/Chicago Bears 
Maryland/New York Jets 
Tennessee/Buffalo Bills 
Miami/Cleveland Browns 
Pittsburgh/San Francisco 49ers 
Florida St./Miami Dolphins 
Auburn/Cincinnati Bengals 
TCU/Kansas City Chiefs 
Nebraska/Philadelphia Eagles 
Stephen F. Austin/Kansas City Chiefs 
New Mexico St./Baltimore Ravens 
Syracuse/Carolina Panthers 
Nebraska/Tennessee Titans 
Boston College/Cleveland Browns 
MIchigan St./Atlanta Falcons 
UCLA/Carolina Panthers 
Miami/Denver Broncos 
Oregon/Seattle Seahawks 
Iowa/Washington Redskins 
Villanova/Philadelphia Eagles 
Ohio St./Houston Texans 
Tennessee/Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Miami/Green Bay Packers 
Georgia/Pittsburgh Steelers 
Kansas St./Arizona Cardinals 
San Diego St./Oakland Raiders 
Georgia Southern/Chicago Bears 
Stanford/Indianapolis Colts 
Toledo/Baltimore Ravens 
BYU/Detroit Lions 
Virginia/New England Patriots 
ECU/Miami Dolphins 
Virginia Tech/Buffalo Bills 
Kansas St./Washington Redskins 
Miami/Buffalo Bills 
Penn St./Kansas City Chiefs 
Georgia/Baltimore Ravens 
Colorado/Tennessee Titans 
USC/Oakland Raiders 
Kentucky/Detroit Lions 
LSU/Houston Texans 
Oregon/Minnesota Vikings 
Oklahoma/Denver Broncos 
Virginia Tech/Cleveland Browns 
LSU/Jacksonville Jaguars 
Boise St./Chicago Bears 
Alabama/Denver Broncos 
Colorado/Detroit Lions 
Georgia/Pittsburgh Steelers 
Stanford/Carolina Panthers 
Oregon St./St. Louis Rams 
Michigan/Cincinnati Bengals 
Virginia Tech/Detroit Lions 
Oklahoma St./Denver Broncos 
Notre Dame/Dallas Cowboys 
Tulane/Minnesota Vikings 
Arkansas/New England Patriots 
Northern Illinois/San Diego Chargers 
Nebraska/Houston Texans 
California/Cleveland Browns 
West Virginia/Atlanta Falcons 
Ottawa University/New York Jets 
Maryland/Philadelphia Eagles 
Pittsburgh/Denver Broncos 
Auburn/Miami Dolphins 
Texas/Chicago Bears 
Auburn/Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
California/Arizona Cardinals 
Louisville/Carolina Panthers 
Miami/San Francisco 49ers 
Oklahoma St./Houston Texans 
Louisiana Tech/Philadelphia Eagles 
Ohio St./Denver Broncos 
Minnesota/Dallas Cowboys 
Southern Illinois/New York Giants 
Florida/Minnesota Vikings 
Virginia/Jacksonville Jaguars 
Kansas St./San Diego Chargers 
Missouri/Tennessee Titans 
Tennessee/New York Jets 
Michigan St./Atlanta Falcons 
Louisville/Buffalo Bills 
Wisconsin/Indianapolis Colts 
Northwestern/Pittsburgh Steelers 
USC/New Orleans Saints 
Minnesota/New England Patriots 
Memphis/Carolina Panthers 
LSU/Indianapolis Colts 
USC/Tennessee Titans 
UCLA/Jacksonville Jaguars 
Wisconsin/Detroit Lions 
Mississippi St./Atlanta Falcons 
Penn St./San Francisco 49ers 
Florida St./New York Jets 
Georgia Tech/Baltimore Ravens 
Washington St./Cleveland Browns 
Virginia/Houston Texans 
Virginia Tech/Pittsburgh Steelers 
Utah/Tennessee Titans 
Oklahoma/Minnesota Vikings 
California/Buffalo Bills 
Auburn/Cincinnati Bengals 
Arizona/Tennessee Titans 
Nebraska/Green Bay Packers 
Florida St./Miami Dolphins 
Penn St./Philadelphia Eagles 
Northern Illinois/Chicago Bears 
Louisville/Oakland Raiders 
Ohio St./New Orleans Saints 
Fresno St./Buffalo Bills 
Louisville/Kansas City Chiefs 
Kansas St./San Francisco 49ers 
Central Connecticut/New England Patriots 
Florida/Green Bay Packers 
Hawaii/Philadelphia Eagles 
Alabama/Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Marshall/New York Giants 
Arkansas/Oakland Raiders 
Oregon/Carolina Panthers 
Arkansas/Dallas Cowboys 
Illinois/Pittsburgh Steelers 
ECU/Tennessee Titans 
Tulane/Chicago Bears 
Rutgers/Baltimore Ravens 
UCF/Detroit Lions 
Texas/Kansas City Chiefs 
West Virginia/Houston Texans 
Georgia Tech/Dallas Cowboys 
Arizona St./Denver Broncos 
Richmond/Arizona Cardinals 
UTEP/San Diego Chargers 
Georgia/Atlanta Falcons 
Toledo/Miami Dolphins 
NW Missouri St./Buffalo Bills 
Michigan/Indianapolis Colts 
Montana/Miami Dolphins 
USC/Jacksonville Jaguars 
California/Seattle Seahawks 
South Carolina/Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Oklahoma/Baltimore Ravens 
Georgia/Denver Broncos 
Connecticut/Indianapolis Colts 
Ohio St./Arizona Cardinals 
Pittsburgh/Philadelphia Eagles 
Iowa/New York Jets 
Alabama/San Francisco 49ers 
Texas A&M/Carolina Panthers 
NC State/New York Giants 
Colorado St./San Diego Chargers 
UNLV/Pittsburgh Steelers 
Michigan St./Tennessee Titans 
Virginia/Baltimore Ravens 
TCU/Detroit Lions 
Clemson/Cleveland Browns 
Abilene Christian/Cincinnati Bengals 
Texas/St. Louis Rams 
Tennessee St./Kansas City Chiefs 
BYU/Cincinnati Bengals 
Pittsburgh/Arizona Cardinals 
Liberty/Jacksonville Jaguars 
Clemson/Buffalo Bills 
Fresno St./San Diego Chargers 
California/Detroit Lions 
Mississippi/Kansas City Chiefs 
Stanford/Minnesota Vikings 
Auburn/Houston Texans 
Tennessee/Cleveland Browns 
USC/New York Jets 
Mississippi St./San Francisco 49ers 
Southern Illinois/Jacksonville Jaguars 
Georgia Tech/Pittsburgh Steelers 
Buffalo/Green Bay Packers 
LSU/Philadelphia Eagles 

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