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Answer the following X-Files references
In what episodes does Mulder's faith in the extraterrestrial wane?
What is Krycek's first name?
In the episode 'All Things' (7X17) What is the name of Scully's lover?
In the episode 'Tempus Fugit' (4X17) What is the name of the of the FBI agent that gets shot?
In the episode 'Bad Blood' (5X12) Who plays Sherriff Lucius Hartwell?
What brand of cigarettes does CSM smoke?
From what part of Scully's body did she remove her Implant?
In what season does Billy Miles reappear?
What's Fox Mulder's middle name?
What's Dana Scully's middle name?
Answer the following X-Files references
What's the name of Scully's daughter in season 5?
Where does Billy Miles live?
What is the name of the character Mulder assumes the identity of in 'Dreamland' (6X04)
What does Mulder eat repeatedly in 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space' whilst questioning the restaurant owner?
Where does Scully go to find answers to Mulder's illness in 'The Sixth Extinction'? (7X03)
What is Marita Corrovubius formal job title?
In Redux (5X02) What is Mulder watching in the opening scene?
What was the episode in season 3 whose name consisted of only 3 digits?
Who is the son of the Cigarette Smoking Man?
Who is the multiple-abductee ex-wife of CSM?
Mulder says to Scully in the final scene of Triangle (6X03) 'I love you' to which Scully replies

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