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Its not worth winning...Coach Reilly
I hate kids...Gordon
Oh man, Its my mom...Charlie
Just so you know...Averman
To think, I wasted all those years worrying about what you thought...Gordon
You know, she has many fine qualities...Charlie
You're not even a has-been...Coach Reilly
Like the Karate Kid right?...Averman
Do me a favor...Adam Banks
Keep swinging...Gordon
I'm gonna let you get your sorry vanilla booty outta here...Jesse Hall
This is what I gave up my overtime pay for?Mr. Hall
I'm sure this will be a real bonding experience. One day, maybe one of you...Gordon
Goldberg, you're the goalie...Charlie
I think you got the ceremonies mixed up...Goldberg
If you want me to figure skate...Tommy Duncan
Yes sir, Mr. Ducksworth. Thank you very much, Mr. Ducksworth...Gordon
Oh, its the Connie-meister...Averman
Take the fall! Act Hurt!...Ducks Chant
I could kill one of them...Lewis

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