Buffy Name to Name 2.0

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Can you name the Buffy Name to Name 2.0?

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Former Sunnydale High Cheerleader
Who Was the Center of Popularity Group
Who Included the Future Vampire
Who Dated Fellow Vampire
Who Developed a Relationship With the Slayer
Who Defeated the Head Vampire
Who Had Two Minions, Luke and
Who Sired
Who Killed the Gypsie Descendant
Who Dated Watcher
Who Owned a Local Store Called the
Who Held Meetings of the
Which Included Former Vengeance Demon
Who Was Friends With Fellow Vengeance Demon
Who Helped Children Like Scooby Gang Member
Who Had Milkshake-Movie Nights With the Witch
Who Sensed that Buffy's Body was Stolen by Fellow Slayer
Who Slept With Scooby Gang Member
Who Dated the May Queen

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