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Who's debut song was Swagger Jagger
What is the worlds longest river
The Japanese call their country
Who is referred as queen of pop
Uma Thurman starred and which Quentin Tarrantino movie
Johnny Depp played Donny Fleischer in which 1986 movie
Who is Nicki Minaj's alter ego?
Summer nights and Born to Hand jive are from which Movie?
Matt Lucas and David Walliams have done a programme called 'Little ..
Who was the first member to leave Pussycat dolls
When Kerry Katona left Atomic kitten who was she replaced by
What colour is E.T's eyes
2004 Olympics were held in which country
wwe diva Jazz left wwe in which year?
Anne Kirkombe plays which Coronation street star
Jessie J's real name is?
Who is the oldest dwarf in snow white
Which member of TLC died in 2001
what is 3 cubed
Who played Rose in the hit movie Titanic

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