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Main character in a drama
When the sun is farthest north or south of the equator
Rude, Offensive
Move back or away from a limit
Kangaroo for example
Plan of action used to accomplish a goal
Tell a secret
Calm, free from disturbance
Eager to eat tons of food
Showing feelings, beliefs or virtues that you don't actually have
14th to the 16th century, rebirth, revival
To grow and develop well, prosper
'All the world's a stage'
Verb forms like -ing and -ed
Choosing or taking the best from a mix of something
Eats plants and animals
Hot is to Cold, like Summer is to Winter
Ancient Egyptian drawings
Annoying, bothersome
An amount that would be subtracted (like from your taxes)
Poisonous, unstable oxygen
Shots you get as a kid to protect you from diseases
Carefree, self-confident air
Pound or crush into powder or dust
the number that is to the right or and above a math expression and indicates how many times it is used as a factor
To draw back in fear or pain
Rejoice greatly
Complex maze like structure
Fungi and alga on rock and tree bark
A refusal to buy goods Made In China
Feeling depressed, lack of hope
1000 meters
Study of animals
Very strange or odd
Protein released in response to the presence of a specific toxin
Speed at which music ought to be played
Making an educated guess
Keep a person isolated to stop disease from spreading
Cold, treeless area of the frozen north
Change in a gene or chromosone
Very unhappy or miserable
Examining your own thoughts and feelings
Interstellar Gas and Dust
Be unable to decide between one opinion or course of action
Distance light travels in a year
Something passed down from preceding generations
We have one against Cuba that prevents trade
Photo of a 3d image
Conventional or oversimplified idea
Organism that lives off another and harms the host
Everyone sharing the same opinion
Arousing fear, dread or alarm
Person that is followed as a teacher or leader
Exceeding the bounds of what is right or proper
An amount that reprsented a required target
Deceive or trick, hoodwink
Musical performer of great excellence
Small colored pieces of tile or glass arranged into a picture
Give up something highly valued for something else of greater value
Change tatics or approach, planned movement of warships
Outline of a human profile filled with a solid color
The proper behavior or conduct
Occuring at night, example 'bats'
Be willing to do something that you think is below your dignity
A tax or duty for imported and exported goods
A military force outside the regular army, travel in small bands
A Clown Fish and An Anemone have this relationship
Having a backbone
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers
Rough and Stormy
Uncertainty, dilemma
An outlaw
No specific pattern, purpose or objective
Wavelengths shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays, hint you wear sunglasses to block these
Flat closed shape with at least 3 sides
Showing great joy or excitement
Cone shaped
Plant tissue that carries food
Dense forest with rainfall of 160 inches or more
The sequence of events
Mistaken Belief
Big ship used for pleasure trips
Plant tissue that carries water from the roots
Move in waves
Elevated, level expanse of land
You gotta _____________ the positive, eliminate the negative
Band of colors, range of electromagnetic radiation
Using few words in a reply
The Right to Vote
Noisy and disorderly
4th of July does this for the Declaration of Independence
Have great ambition, want something badly
Protected from a disease either naturally or by vaccine
A grotesque animal statue
Conceal yourself by blending in with the surroundings
Full of fun and good cheer
Procedure to accomplish a task
Conversation between two people

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