Names of Obscure Harry Potter Characters

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First NameSurnameClue
CharityMuggle Studies
WaldenExecutioner and Death Eater
MarcusSlytherin Quidditch Captain
MariettaTraitor to the DA
KennilworthyQuidditch Through the Ages Author
XenophiliusEditor of The Quibbler
OliverQuidditch Captain
IgnotusCloak of Invisibility
KingsleyOrder of the Phoenix
RodolphusBellatrix's Husband
ReginaldMagical Maintenance
AntoninDeath Eater
AliFlying Carpets
PiusImperius Cursed Minister for Magic
NymphadoraPrefers to be called by her surname
PenelopeHead Girl
DedalusViolet Top Hat
First NameSurnameClue
Mafalda Improper Use of Magic Office
ArmandoFormer Headmaster
EmmelineOrder of the Phoenix
FloreanIce Cream Parlour
BerthaCaptured and Killed for Information
BartemiusFather and Son
GideonOrder of the Phoenix
AngelinaGryffindor Quidditch Team
PhineasSlytherin Headmaster
CormacArrogant Gryffindor Member
RufusMinister for Magic
MarleneOrder of the Phoenix
SturgisOrder of the Phoenix
DirkGoblin Liason Office
MirandaAuthor of the Standard Book of Spells
GladysLockhart's Biggest Fan

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