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Kaiser of Germany in 1918
Treaty signed with Russia in March 1918
German assault on the Western Front
Allied counter-attack in summer 1918
Epidemic which spread throughout Europe in 1918
Spark for the German revolution at a naval base
Date of Armistice
New ruler of Germany following Kaiser's abdication
Name given to those accused of losing the war in 1918
Clause 231 of Versailles which caused such offense
Town where the new constitution of Germany was drafted
Part of constitution which gave President emergency powers
Largest party in the Reichstag
System of voting meaning no party was able to gain overall control
German left-wing revolutionaries
Disbanded military units who fought against them
Killed leaders of the revolutionaries
Right wing leader of attempted Putsch in 1920
German Foreign Minister assassinated in 1922
Level of reparations Germany had to pay (in pounds)
Region of Germany occupied by French and Belgian soldiers
Policy of refusal to co-operate with occupiers
Resultant increase in prices spiraling out of control
New German Chancellor who resolved the crisis
New currency introduced to stabilise prices
Financial agreement to restructure reparations
Agreement to safeguard German western frontier
Germany joined this in 1926
New right-wing president of Germany
Starting point of the Great Depression
German unemployment at its peak
Chancellor of Germany up to 1932
Party Hitler joined in 1918 which later became the NSDAP
Nazi military wing responsible for protection
Attempted takeover of Government in November 1923
Former military chief who supported Hitler
Sentance received by Hitler when he stood trial
Book written by Hitler when in prison
Nazi idea about strong leadership under Hitler
Nazi chief of Propaganda and Enlightenment
Supported of Nazis who funded election campaigns
Nazi symbol
Nazi meetings with lots of speeches, marches, flags and uniforms
Number of seats won by the Nazis in 1928 election
Number of seats won by the Nazis in 1930 election
Number of seats won by the Nazis in June 1932 election
Number of seats won by the Nazis in Nov 1932 election
Chancellor chosen by President who failed to command a majority
Army chief who replaced him and lasted only few months
Date Hitler was invited to become Chancellor

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