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Can you name the features of the Peace Treaties and League of Nations?

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Date of armistice
Last Kaiser of Germany
Meeting place for the peacemakers
Leader of France
His priority
Leader of USA
January 1918 basis for peace
US attitude
Leader of Britain
British principles
Treaty with Germany
Date of its signing
Fisrt clauses related to creating this
Clause 231 which asserted German responsibility
Financial compensation Germany had to pay
to the sum of...
Maximum number of troops allowed by Germany
Banned means of recruiting for army
Banned military equipment
Number of battleships allowed
Region Demilitarised
Territory returned to France
Land given to Belgium
Land given to Denmark
Territory of West Prussian and Posen
Region given to the League of Nations for 15 years
Free City under League control
Region of Germany detached from the rest
Overseas possessions taken away
German name for the 'imposed' peace
Principle of acting together to prevent war
Actions taken to resist aggression
First stage - a telling off
Second stage - preventing trade
Final stage - using force
Permanent senior members of the League
Never joined
Joined in 1926, left in 1933
Left in 1933
Left in 1937
Joined in 1934, thrown out in 1939
The League's parliament
Most important body made up of leading members
League legal body
Organisations established for specific jobs such as Mandates
Country Manchuria belonged to
Japanese controlled railway
Location of 'incident' where railway was attacked
Who the Japanese blamed
League enquiry into incident
Japanese puppet state established
Year when the League criticised Japan and they left the League
Another name for Ethiopia
Incident in December 1934 between Italians and Ethiopians
Leader of Fascist Italy
Emperor of Ethiopia
Date of Italian invasion
Measure imposed by the League on Italy
Not included material
Supply route used by Italy that was not closed
Secret plan by Britain and France to end the crisis
Date of completed Italian conquest of Ethiopia
Reason for League failure
Reason for League failure
Reason for League failure
Reason for League failure
Reason for League failure
Reason for League failure

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