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Hitler wanted to abolish...
He wanted to unite all...
'Living space' in Eastern Europe
Means to restore German military stength
Policy against ideology of USSR
Policy against Jews
In 1933 Hitler left the...
and walked out of the...
Non-agression Pact signed in 1934 with...
Hitler secretly recreated the German...
In 1935 Hitler announced this to build up the army
French, Italian and British response to above
British pact to agree size of fleets signed in 1935
Region under League control for 15 years
Vote which returned region to Germany
Demilitarised region Hitler marched into
Date of the event
International event which distracted the other powers
Excuse given by Hitler was French alliance with...
Dismissed by British as 'walking in own...'
Austrian Chancellor killed by Nazis in 1934
Failure of German takeover caused by...
Austrian Chancellor 1934-38 who sought to maintain independence
His strategy for keeping Austria free
Leader of Austrian Nazis
Name for unification of Austria and Germany
Date of the event
Number voting in favour of unification in %
Country put under direct threat by unification
British policy of seeking negotiation with Hitler
British Prime Minister associated with the policy
Leading critic of the policy
Date of crisis which almost led to war
Region of ethnic Germans Hitler wanted
First meeting of PM with Fuhrer
Second meeting with Fuhrer
Final meeting where agreement was signed
Countries present: Germany, Britain, France and
Soviet leader not represented
PMs claim on return to London
Date of occupation of Bohemia and Moravia
British response was an alliance with...
Britain and France failed to gain alliance with
Agreement signed in August 1939
German signatory
Soviet signatory
Date of invasion of Poland
Declaration of war by Britain and France

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