GCSE Nazi Germany Revision

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Can you name the features of Hitler's rule 1933-1939?

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Date in 1933 when Hitler becomes Chancellor
Event which led to Hitler passing emergency laws
Who was allegedly to blame for the event?
Number of seats won by Nazis at March election
Law introduced to give Hitler dictatorial powers
Group Hitler did a deal with to ensure it was passed
Purge of the Nazi Party in June 1934
Title assumed by Hitler on death of Hindenburg
Meaning of Arbeit und Brot
In charge of German economic recovery
Later in charge of economy and Four Year Plan
Investing in the military
Calling up all eligible men for military service
Another word for self-sufficiency
The German Work Front to provide employment
Type of employment given to the above
Construction project of road building
Political advertising
Annual Nazi get-together
Nazi symbol
Propaganda masterpiece to the World
Minister for Enlightenment
Restriction of information
The Nazi secret police
Type of arrest for political opponents
Hitler's personal bodyguard
Group in charge of concentration camps
Leader of above groups
Leisure organisation run by Robert Ley
Policy persecuting Jews
1935 laws to deny Jews German citizenship
Anti-Jewish pogrom in November 1938
Policy of killing disabled people
Policy designed to prevent breeding from undesirables
Study of racial identity
Education by constant reinforcement of message
Nazi organisation for boys
...and for girls
One anti-nazi organisation

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