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1774 Convention in Philadelphia to determine a reaction to their reduced liberties
Radical delegates in first continental congress:_______and ______ from ______and ________from ________
Moderate delegates: ____of____and _of ____
Conservative delegates: _____of ___and__of______
This measure rejected the intolerable acts by boycotting
2nd measurePetition urging king to restore colonial rights
Third measure that urged committees to enforce economic sanctions
Fourth measure would call a second _____ if rights weren't recognized
General of British who sent large force to seize colonial military supplies
____and____ warned militia to assemble to face british
First shot in American Revolution was at battle of _________ in April 18th, 1775
Battle fought on ____Hill on June 17th, 1775 was called ____ and resulted in heavy British losses
At 2nd continental congress, they adopted________ to call colonies for troops
______was commander of new colonial army
Congress organized force under _________to raid Quebec
In 1775, delegates voted to send _______ to King George III to pledge loyalty and ask for peace
King George III ignored petition and put in place _______ in August 1775 which declared the colonies in rebellion and forbid trade
In January 1776, ______ wrote the influential pamphlet, ______ to argue that colonies should break political ties and be independent
On June 2, 1776, _________adopted resolution for independence, which turned into _________ being adopted on July 4th, 1776
Two sides of Revolution: ______, who fought against Britain, and ______, who sided with British
Common name for those who sided with king
Washington's troops suffered through the winter in 1777-1778 at ____
Turning point of the war was the victory at ____ in New York, October 1777. Colonists were commanded by ____and_______. British were commanded by __. This battle led ____ to be all
______led the patriots in a 1778-1779 campaign to capture British Forts and gain control of part of Ohio
Last major battle of Revolutionary war in 1781 was fought in:___. George Washington and French beat British led by ________
1783 treaty that ended the revolutionary war
Document drafted by John Dickinson that became first constitution of USA
In 1786_____, a massachusetts farmer, led farmers in a riot called _______against state taxes, lack of paper money, and imprisonment for debt.
States adopted separation of ____and ______
____ took her husband's place at the Battle of Monmouth
____ passed as a man and served as soldier for a year

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