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Can you name the logs and limits?

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hintanswerhelping hand
ln 3 use calculator
what is the limit in MEAN GIRLSmovie in class
ln 6use calculator
log100base 10
ln 12.3use calculator
limit x->44-3x/4+x
ln 264use calculator
log 26base 10
limit x->8x+2/5
hintanswerhelping hand
log 64base10
.01base 'e'
what is the limit of the basketball teams winningshow many games won
limit x->-13x+3+16/2
3base 'e'
10base 'e'
limit x->22x+9
limit x->316-3x +10/2x
what is the limit in gallons of milk being able to be drunkthe amount you can drink in less than an hour

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