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HintCandy Name
'When someone is being hunted, they have a ___ on their head.'
'What's another word for spots that also rhymes?'
'Whose you're favorite actress?'
'What does one play on another?'
'What's that thing?'
'Where in Pennsylvania do you live?'
'What were those from the North called during the Civil War?'
'What street should I take next?'
'What do you call you're cat?'
'What galaxy are we in?'
'What did those jocks call us?'
'What's a type of bird?'
'What do you call that?'
'I need a break.'
'Whose your favorite baseball player?'
'When will you have money?'
'When should I arrive?'
HintCandy Name
'What's that book called?'
'How much do you have?'
'What's up there?'
How do you do, Mr. ...?'
'What planet is fourth from the sun?'
'How many do you want?'
'Whose your favorite rapper?'
'What is he the Duke of?'
'What would you like in your coffee, daughter?'
'What are you talking about?'
'How much did you run?'
'How much does it cost?'
'That's big! It's a ___!'
'What are the twins' names?'
'What do you call someone who drops things a lot?'
'It's out of this world!'

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