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Partial LyricsSongYear charted
He gave me the eye/but I just passed him by/I treated him unkind/but he didn't seem to mind1963
Baby, baby/baby, don't leave me/ooh, please don't leave me/all by myself1964
Been missin ya/miss kissin ya/instead of breaking up/let's do some kissin and makin up1964
I've been cryin/cause i'm lonely/smiles have all turned to tears/but it won't wash away the fear1964
I can't break away from his arms/I can't break away from his charms/ I can't break away from his kiss/Cause his kiss I shouldn't miss1965
You've given me a true love/and every day I thank you love/for a feeling that's so new/so inviting, so exciting1965
I need your strength/ I need your tender touch/I need the love, my dear/I miss so much1965
The love bug done bit me/didn't mean for him to get me/get up in the morning/and I'm filled with desire1966
Why do you keep coming around/playing with my heart/why don't you get out of my life/and let me make a new start?1966
Partial LyricsSongYear charted
I can't bear to live my life alone/ I grow impatient for a love to call my own/but when I feel that I, I can't go on/these precious words keeps me hangin' on1966
You pursuaded me to love you, and I did/but instead of tenderness, I found heartache and pain/into your arms I fell so unaware of the loneliness/that was waiting there1967
One day you're up/when you turn around/you find your world is tumbling down/it happened to me and it can happen to you1967
Through the hollow of my tears/ I see a dream that's lost/from the hurt/that you have caused1967
Just when I feel sure love’s here to stay/it seems to suddenly just fade away/can’t seem to find that everlasting love/that this heart of mine needs so much of1967
Don't think that I don't need ya/don't think I don't want to please ya/but no child of mine will be bearing/the name of shame I've been wearing1968
My love is strong you see; I know you'll never get tired of me, oh baby/And I'm gonna use every trick in the book; I'll try my best to get you hooked/hey baby1968
You're far away from me my love/ and just as sure my, my baby/as there are stars above/I wanna say it1969
Life is so short/put the present time at hand/and if you're young at heart/rise up and take your stand1970

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