Word Ladder: Nicolas Cage Battles the Muppets

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Can you fill in the rungs in this ladder, choosing either the Cage-route or the Muppet-route?

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〄 ____ of Times ⋮ Ernie's Partner 〄
Defeat the opposition
Runner, Green, Vanilla or Soy
〄 Face/Off's Archer ⋮ Fozzie or Bobo 〄
Burn or scorch the surface of something
7 of them, according to Pirates
Observes the homophone above
Wife of Harry Truman
〄 Guarding ____ ⋮ 12-foot tall ____men 〄
Try out disc-golf
Makeshift bed
Hollywood and Holliday
Where to moor a boat
〄 Red ____ West ⋮ Parody bird Ronald ____ 〄
Alternative to a maul
Rodeo horse's action
Where a sailor might sleep
You try to avoid one in a Word Ladder
Firecracker sound
〄 It could happen to him ⋮ Baby, or Gogolala Jug 〄
Hit the ground
Hog fat
No walk in the park
Opponent of the tortoise
In good health
Aristotelian matter
〄 Cage in Trespass ⋮ ____the Dog 〄

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