Who Killed 'Em: Breaking Bad

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Can you name whether the Breaking Bad character was killed by (W)alter, (J)esse, (M)ike or (N)either? ☢ CONTAINS SPOILERS ☢

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For the purpose of this quiz, the killer must be the one who ACTIVELY commits the murder, not the one to give the order or passively lets or leads someone to die (i.e. not the course of the show occurring because of Walt's original decision to cook meth, or hiring hitmen etc.)
Leonel Salamanca
Todd Alquist
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Gale Boetticher
Joaquin Salamanca
Mike Ehrmantraut
Jack Welker
Walter White
Tuco Salamanca
Gustavo Fring
Chris Mara
Drew Sharp
Hank Schrader

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