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Can you name the 5 and 6-Letter 'ex-' words in this themed word ladder?

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Word Ladder 1 (6 Letters)
To Xplain 
Make accessible to some action 
______ facto; from a thing done afterwards 
To sell or transfer abroad 
One with special knowledge or ability 
To regard something as probable 
To cut out 
Word Ladder 3 (5 Letters)
Tony Gatlif movie about two French lovers 
Rock Band from LAX 
Moves out, departs from 
A process that takes place in Crustaceans 
The outer layer forming walls of some spores 
Military Abbreviation for Xtraction/Insertion 
To support oneself; survive 
Word Ladder 2 (6 Letters)
To become larger in size 
Use up, consume fully 
Stretch out over a distance 
Range or scope 
Still in Xistence 
Word Ladder 4 (5 Letters)
To be Xtremely joyful or to rejoice greatly 
Move to a higher position 
Sharply or clearly defined/stated 
To cut off or out 
Permission for a student to be absent from University 

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