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Can you pick how much money I would have, if I had a nickel for each of the following scenarios?

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If I had a Nickel for...I'd Have...Options
Every Prophet the Quran mentioned...A: $0.70, B: $1.00, C: $1.30
Every year the Israelites were kept in Egypt…A: $10.70, B: $12.30, C: $14.20
Every time Jesus told a Parable…A: $1.30, B: $1.85, C: $2.15
Every book in the Old Testament…A: $1.35, B: $1.65, C: $1.95
Every son Jacob had...A: $0.25, B: $0.60, C: $0.85
Every one of Moses' Siblings…A: $0.00 , B: $0.05, C: $0.10
Every time John records a Passover with Jesus…A: $0.05, B: $0.15, C: $0.25
Every time the KJB says the word' Heaven'…A: $29.10, B: $32.75, C: $37.35
Every seed in a Pomegranite…A: $20.65, B: $30.65, C: $40.65
Every time Moses is mentioned in the Quran…A: $3.40, B: $5.60, C: $6.80
Every day you Count the Omer…A: $1.65, B: $2.45, C: $3.25
Every time the Bible raised someone from the dead...A: $0.45, B: $0.70, C: $1.30
Every judge mentioned in the Bible…A: $0.55, B: $0.65, C: $0.75
Every time the KJB says the word 'Covenant'...A: $14.60, B: $17.60, C: $21.60
Every chapter in the New Testament…A: $11.00, B: $13.00, C: $15.00

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